Thermostats in Schaumburg

Consistent & Reliable Temperature Control

Steady temperature control is essential for a comfortable home environment, especially in the summer and winter. Whether your thermostat is malfunctioning or you want to upgrade to a programmable model, you can trust RJS Heating & Cooling, Inc., and our Schaumburg thermostat specialists for expert service. We offer AC installation and replacement of thermostats in Schaumburg, Roselle, Elgin, and other areas throughout DuPage and Cook Counties.

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Advantages of Upgrading to Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats can be preset to raise or lower the temperature, according to your unique needs. For example, many people like to lower the temperature of the heating system or raise the temperature of the air conditioner to reduce home energy costs. This can be done at night before going to bed or before leaving for work in the daytime. The programmable thermostat can handle this for you, so you won’t forget to manage the thermostat and enjoy the full cost-saving benefits.

A programmable thermostat offers benefits, such as:

  • Improving home comfort when you need it
  • Reducing energy usage in your home
  • Lowering energy bills
  • Environmental benefits of lower energy usage

We install quality programmable thermostats in Schaumburg from Honeywell, which is one of the most trusted brands of thermostats on the market today. The full-color display and wireless sensor in Honeywell thermostats allow you to preset the thermostat to your desired temperature as everyone leaves the house and as soon as you arrive at the end of the day. Some units even have Wi-Fi capabilities so you can easily adjust the temperature at home even when you're away via your smartphone.

Knowledgeable Thermostat Repairs

Are you having a problem with your existing thermostat? No matter what brand or model of thermostat you have now at home, our highly experienced team at RJS can provide you with reliable repairs. We bring with us over 50 years handling different types of thermostats.

Our AC repair technicians are familiar with the common nuisances of each brand or model and can easily spot and correct the problem. In the case of older thermostats, we usually recommend upgrading to newer units as this is the more cost-efficient solution. Newer thermostats are not only easier to operate but can also be set for the time that the heater or air conditioning should turn on and off, giving you savings in the long run. Our technicians will install your new thermostat and offer helpful energy saving for maximum efficiency.

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